“Ok…I have been blessed with the opportunity to peer review a very enlightenend book by Hotep Talah Amun El. Let me state that this book is one that is needed for this day and age for us to grow as a nation. Hotep the Cure helps one understand the necessity of meditation, as well as understanding how labels, preconceived notions, and systematic programming helped mold and form our perspectives of ourselves and others. This book challenges you to get connected with the Creator by understanding the Collective Consciousness of All. I truly enjoyed reading this book as it helped me grasp the concept of ego, and the true nature of altruism. Much Thanks for allowing us to absorb your book. And for those who are ready to grow, please support.”

Naviyah Tzadoq

“Peace and Blissings/\Hapi Horizons!!
I have to say that this Book is or as soon will be a Major Help to help cure the sickness of Racism and the likes!!
Also it also give referrence to Dr. Malachi Z. York as well, of who I also have love and respect for!!
I Highly recommended this book and feel that every individual in every household should own a copy of thia much needed book!
Please don’t miss out and block your Blissings.
Signed: MasterSoundTherapist
Huni Bak Atun”

Anthony Felton

“Discovering the Power Within You” is less than 50 pages long but one of the most dense books I’ve ever encountered. Why are we here is the question we all ask ourselves. We turn to religion for spiritual guidance and they all conclude we must be selfless not selfish. How do we accomplish such a simple task? Our thoughts create emotions which are afflictive or non-afflictive . Whichever dominates determines our unhappiness or happiness. Discovering the omnipresent perminate part of ourselves is elusive but the key to accomplishing this goal. Dr. Leon Moss takes us there within the confines of this book. Leon is a gifted Spirit who emerges us in our immortality in an instant. Take the journey and be happy,”

Quentin Moses

“Those who are guided by the ego misinterpret almost every experience. Everything that happens is accepted as absolute truth and is taken personally and too serious. No wonder there is so much stress and anxiety in the world. The ego’s main focus is “what’s in it for me?”. Even many of those that have the best intentions of helping others end up stopping along the way to do something for themselves….” p.15,The Voice of Ego

This is a powerful book that gives great insight into the inner workings spirit and soul by way identifying the stumbling blocks that prohibit us from growth. It provides informative answers to questions of purpose and the divine nature that operates within us. Each flip of the page will get you closer to balancing the mind and spirit as you seek enlightenment.I was asked to design the book cover and review the book as well. I highly recommend this book for all that seek further their knowledge of divine consciousness.”

Adrian Nelson

“The book Hotep A Cure For Humanity is a self help guide book packed with deep spiritual insight into the inner workings of the mind. The author focuses on how to reduce if not eradicate all mental suffering by using the power of presence and the simple meditation techniques suggested. It is a very thought provoking read which brings the reader to a place of deep self reflection and contemplation which is balanced out with the authors experiences. This book demonstrates that with discipline, healing and change happiness joy and freedom is possible for anyone no matter what the circumstance and unity can be achieved for all of humanity.”


I just read your book.
Excellent content and I
thought your chapter The Other Side was powerful and insightful!

Thank you!